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On today's Majority Report, Marcy Wheeler from emptywheel joins Sam to discuss Robert Mueller's press conference. Listen in for what's next as House Democrats weigh impeachment proceedings and the House Judiciary considers subpoenas for Mueller's testimony. Marcy joins Sam to break down what happened at yesterday's press conference, parsing Mueller's statement and why the special prosecutor felt compelled to dispel Bill Barr's summary findings that claimed to exonerate Trump of any wrong doing. With the special investigation now conclude, Marcy explains the links to conspiracy and why Mueller did not bring a quid-pro-quo charge, like the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Don Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. Sam and Marcy also discuss the troubling espionage charges against Julian Assange and the DOJ brought charges for Wikileaks 2010 actions and not 2016. Additionally, Marcy explains the developing charges against Roger Stone and his associates with Stone's confidant Andrew Miller set to testify on Friday against the flamboyant campaign manager. Taking a 30,000 foot view of the Mueller investigation, Marcy and Sam consider why global oligarchs, Wall St capital investors, and the Trump administration aligned so well in 2016. Sam and Marcy conclude their conversation discussing the reasons why she turned a source over to the FBI and the implications of that decision.

Listen to the Mueller Report at here.

And in the Fun Half: White supremacists embrace Ben Shapiro's ethnic and religious Jew distinction, the new bombshell revelation in the citizenship census court case found on a deceased GOP operative's hard drive, Josh's 24-hr reading of the Mueller Report at the Arc in Long Island City, the effectiveness of worker co-ops, how Liz Warren can single-handedly take Biden down in debate, improving M4A messaging, and the problem with putting Russia interference above all other issues in America.

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