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Sean McElwee of Data For Progress joins us to discuss the Supreme Court decision to block gerrymandering rulings in Ohio and Michigan, and why on earth the DCCC is backing Dan Lipinski's pro-life Democratic platform.

On today's show: Asked why he agrees with Kim over Biden, Trump says the former VP "is a low-IQ individual." Amy Klobuchar says John McCain knew more than anyone that Trump was bad, muttered names of dictators to himself. Meghan McCain tells Amy to keep dad's name out of presidential politics.

Sean McElwee (@SeanMcElwee), co-founder of Data For Progress, joins us to discuss the Supreme Court's gerrymandering rulings in Ohio and Michigan. On Friday the Supreme Court threw out earlier rulings in OH and MI that said new maps must be drawn, putting any action on hold while it prepares to rule on partisan gerrymandering. Via their new "F*ck Gerrymandering" initiative, Data for Progress hopes to elect progressive Democrats to state legislatures who can re-draw Congressional districts in a fairer way, regardless of what the Supreme Court decides. Also: The DCCC's vendor blacklist is not working the way they intended. Sean breaks down why that is, what's at stake, and how you can support candidates like Marie Newman, a progressive running a primary campaign against anti-choice Democrat Dan Lipinski in Illinois. Donate to her campaign at!

On the fun half: Cathy Young criticizes Dave Rubin for including white nationalists in the "new center." NYT reporter explains Chicagoans' feelings on Dan Lipinski and his 2020 primary. Former Hillary spokeswoman says Biden's "limited exposure" campaign is not a good idea. Liz Cheney says she supports sending troops to the Middle East. Ben Shapiro says Islam practiced science for practical reasons, while "the West" has for philosophical reasons; Juan Cole destroys his arguments with facts and logic. CBS News report on the consequences of last abortion clinic in Missouri closing: The impact will fall mostly on low-income women. Mehrsa Baradaran says capitalism cannot fix racial wealth gap. NYT soft-peddles Hope Hicks' "existential question" about whether or not to comply with subpoena.

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