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Joining Michael Brooks this Thursday is Miles Kampf-Lassin to discuss his piece, "No One Should Ever Listen to Anything Rahm Emanuel Has to Say About Politics" at In These Times. While the now former mayor of Chicago embarks on his path to punditry, Brooks and Kampf-Lessin hope to show why Emanuel should be ignored completely.

On today's show: Howard Stern says Bernie is a personal hero of his. Flashback: Bernie talks corporate media and censorship on the Howard Stern Show.

Miles Kampf-Lassin, web editor of In These Times, joins us to discuss his piece, No One Should Ever Listen to Anything Rahm Emanuel Has to Say About Politics." How Emanuel got his start fundraising for the Democratic Party and advising Clinton on neoliberal policies like NAFTA. His time on Wall Street working as an investment banker. How he pushed centrist candidates as chair of the DCCC. Emanuel's attempts to whitewash racist policies he pushed in Chicago, like shutting down schools and defending the police. His culpability in the murder of Laquan McDonald. What's wrong with the media that people like this continue to fail upward?

On the fun half: Lula describes treatment in prison. Lula explains the rise of the ultra-right across the globe and the left reaction. Lula talks class politics in Brazil and the difference between him and Bolsonaro. Elizabeth Warren's past defending Dow Chemical. EU elections: Jeremy Corbyn speaks against racism and kids going hungry in the UK. MP Laura Pidcock on what the Tories' austerity does. Baby face Snapchat filter applied to Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan. Don Jr. says Dems are "beyond" socialism and communism. Stuart Varney says tax evasion is actually innovation. Commencement speaker at NYU doctorate program says professors need to support BDS.

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