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Activist and journalist Dennis Lewycky joins us to discuss his new book, Magnificent Fight: The Winnipeg General Strike.

On today's show: Joe Biden says once Trump is gone, GOP will have epiphany. Flashback: Obama says GOP "fever" will break after 2012 election victory.

Activist and historian Dennis Lewycky joins us to discuss his new book, Magnificent Fight: The Winnipeg General Strike. In May of 1919, 30,000 Winnipeg workers went on strike in a city of 130,000. Lewycky breaks down the history leading up to the strike, the factors that sparked solidarity from non-union workers and immigrants, and the kind of social justice unionism the workers favored. Also: How the strike helped win far-reaching reforms for all of Canadian society, its ripple effects in the years that followed, and why Canada developed differently from the US in this regard.

On the fun half: Mike Cernovich whines to Dave Rubin about how hard it is being a public figure: The Vic Berger edit. Dave Rubin on left media outrage and inviting Mayor Pete to his program. Dave Rubin explains "single payer," meaning...not single payer. MR caller asks Dave Rubin if he'd debate anyone on the left, if not Sam Seder. Mike from PA on Biden's cynical game of make-believe. Alabama Democratic Senator debates GOP Senator on rape incest amendment to AL abortion ban (which was not included in final bill). Tom Cotton says it would only take two strikes to defeat Iran if we had to go to war. Sebastian Gorka on same-sex marriage in the cartoon Arthur: "This is a war for our culture." Jim Bakker's team is selling a $45 Trump & King Cyrus prayer coin.

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