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Professor Ben Burgis (@BenBurgis) joins Michael Brooks to discuss his new book, Give Them an Argument: Logic for the Left

On today's show: Meghan McCain says felons should not vote, terrorists should get death penalty.

Professor Ben Burgis (@BenBurgis) joins Michael Brooks to discuss his new book, Give Them an Argument: Logic for the Left. In this book, Burgis warns against leftists' dismissal of the right's "logic bros" and offers basic understandings of formal logic and informal fallacies which will strengthen progressive arguments in the political discourse. By reclaiming logic for the left, we can expose the ahistorical character of the right's arguments, win people over, and set the tone for healthy discourse in our own spaces.

On the fun half: Economist Jeffrey Sachs: US sanctions have devastated Venezuela and killed over 40,000 since 2017. Guaido calls for military help in Venezuela. Trump is so bored with Venezuela, calls Maduro "tough." Kamala Harris asks Barr if Trump admin asked him to investigate opponents. Chris Matthews' great virginity metaphor on Trump's call for special privileges in investigations. Beto makes the cool guy no fossil fuel pledge. Nazi Jovi Val gets triple-egged in Union Square! Ilhan Omar says those who attack Muslims also attack Jews...she will speak out against both.

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