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On today's show, we respond to the Mueller Report.

Nunes says the Mueller report should be burned. Sam breaks down the findings that have been released so far. While not a complete exoneration, the Mueller investigation did not find evidence to support the two charges being investigated: collusion for purposes of tampering with the 2016 election, and obstruction of justice. But there's more that could come out when the full report is released, so stay tuned. Was Matt Taibbi wrong to compare the media's engagement around the Mueller investigation to its reporting around WMDs in Iraq?

Sam on the Jesse Lee Peterson show. Trump says he's fully exonerated, now we need to look at the other side. William Barr testifies that promising a presidential pardon would be a criminal act. Savannah Guthrie asks if Barr's judgment is impartial after writing that the president could not obstruct justice. Beto says he wants to means test Social Security on 2012 House campaign trail (oh hell no). Meghan McCain, speaking at AIPAC, insinuates that Ilhan Omar is not American. CBP detains 9-year-old US citizen, accuses her of lying about her identity. A brief exchange on the 2nd amendment. Fox guest explains why we need electoral college: "Balances & checks & balances." Plus, your calls and IMs!

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