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Good Thursday morning, joining Michael Brooks on today's Majority Report is Richard Beck to discuss his essay, "The Korean Peace Process" published in n+1. Beck breaks down American foreign policy on the Korean peninsula and it hasn’t done any real thinking in two years. Beck explains how all parties involved in the recent Vietnam Korean Peace Summit were on different pages. Coming out of Vietnam each side is two steps back from where they started, each side at least now has a more realistic understanding of what a peace agreement might look like in the near future. Beck explains how John Bolton has made it his agenda to offer no concessions to North Korea and demanded full denuclearization, a position untenable to Kim and his negotiators. Brooks and Beck broaden the conversation of how our foreign policy leaders treat authoritarian regimes with poor human rights records and how it is used to legitimize US intervention. With all this in mind Beck argues US media coverage of the Korean peace process is an inaccurate caricature of itself. Kim and Trump approach and role within their respective governments are mostly opposite. Beck then explores the role of China and Japan and each country's position on achieving peace on the Korean peninsula. Ultimately, Beck believes that if left to his own devices Trump would likely give up whatever he needed to in order to get a peace deal and the real prize for Trump, a Nobel Peace Prize--someone just needs to convince Trump that John Bolton is a "real bad guy."

And in the Fun Half: will social democrats gain support in Florida, some good political rap artists, the new poll tax in Florida, how Bernie is running against Trump, Stuart Varney doesn't understand why can't the CIA just take on Maduro, Elliot Abrams struggles to explain why Guiado should be recognized at Venezuela's legitimate president, an update on Lula and unrest in Brazil, the problem with Yang Gang, Warren's positions on white supremacy and medicare for all, plus your calls and IMs!

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