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On today's show: Katie Pavlich says US deserves more credit for ending slavery.

Beto releases fundraising figures, doesn't say how many unique donors he had. Former Beto staffer writes Facebook post saying he's not a progressive. Warren wants to abolish the electoral college in favor of popular vote, combat voter suppression.

On the fun half: Dennis Prager thanks Dave Rubin for pretending to be a liberal. Jordan Peterson sells lobster-branded merch, poses with Islamophobic fan. Ronald Raygun on David Pakman's plagiarism of the MR set. 'Pakman fan' tells Dave about Raygun. Bolsonaro defends posting the Carnaval golden shower video on Twitter. Bolsonaro defends his anti-LGBT administration, says he believes in traditional family lifestyle.  Bolsonaro says military intervention in Venezuela "may not be debated publicly." Jamie Dimon says the Green New Deal is not responsible economics. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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