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Before the MR Crew heads to Mar-A-Lago for Thanksgiving, we brief you on the latest stories including Trump using the DOJ to target political enemies, Matt Whitaker's dark money slush fund, and how Trump's acceptance of the Khasshogi killing green lights murder for the world's autocrats. We're live at 12:00 pm EST.

We begin with a clip where Ben Sasse stinks it up on late night, stating the government should function "as the founders intended." Sam then breaks down how the right wing media is portraying Trump's MBS pardon in the Khasshogi murder. Then, we head up to Massachusetts watch Seth Moulton's constituents boo him as the congressman tries to explain his relentless opposition Nancy Pelosi. Finally, a special guest, GOP Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith calls into the program to tell us about her debate last night and why she read straight from her notes. Sam then asks Hyde-Smith if she thinks he has a chance in his 2022 primary challenge against Chuck Schumer.

And in Fun Half: Raygun has a bone to pick with Sam, Sam's 2022 Senate campaign video is bringing MR fans to tears, Sam talks Worcester with a caller, Steny Hoyer is a corporatist and we should focus progressive power on keeping him from becoming majority leader, an ex-libertarian caller explains how Ayn Rand turned him off libertarianism, a black caller thought Matt was black, eastern California is the state's last bastion of Republicanism, the GOP has no real morals, and student debt forgiveness is not a moral hazard. Plus your calls and IMs!

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