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Journalist and author David D. Kirkpatrick joins us to discuss his new book, Into the Hands of the Soldiers: Freedom and Chaos in Egypt.

On today's show: CBS News reports Omarosa has proof that Trump said the n-word on tape (shocking). Trump teases most deployed division in the Army over first pay raise in years: "Are these real patriots?"

David D. Kirkpatrick (@ddknyt), international correspondent for the New York Times, joins us to discuss his new book, Into the Hands of the Soldiers: Freedom and Chaos in Egypt. On the five year anniversary of the Rabaa massacre in Cairo, Kirkpatrick looks back on the complicated events leading up to the coup that ousted president Mohamed Morsi in favor of Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi. Despite resulting in more deaths than the massacre at Tiananmen Square, the violent suppression of Morsi loyalist protesters has not gotten much play in the western press. Kirkpatrick explains why, then lays out an analysis of Egyptian politics that factors in the Muslim Brotherhood, various conflicting strains of US foreign policy, local and international media, the UAE, and (oh God no) the Trump administration.

On the fun half: A caller on the worrying rise of "cyber charter schools." A fan video draws conclusions from the surname of a recent MR guest. Jamie tries to pull a libertarian caller to the left. A caller is sick of the lip service paid by the Democrats to people of color, wants to see action. Tim Scott grilled on Face the Nation for being the only GOP Senator supporting an anti-lynching bill. Lou Dobbs refers to Unite the Right 2 rallygoers as "so-called white supremacists" while blasting Antifa. Gorka makes his own Fox News business cards. Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler bitches that the cops won't let him bring his flagpoles downtown. Birtherism makes its way onto a game show. A caller on the troubling separation of class interests from political identity. Is AOC the left equivalent of Sarah Palin? Trump throws shade on Cuomo. Why we should keep an eye on Space Force.

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