The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam is broadcasting from the Netroots Nation conference in New Orleans and the crew is in studio.

We're kicking off Netroots right! We got an MR buffet of left media personalities and some of our favorite journos. On today's show we're joined by RJ Eskow from The Zero Hour, Dave Weigel from WaPo, Amanda Terkel from HuffPost, Sam Stein from the Daily Beast, and Mark Thompson of SiriusXM Progress.

RJ Eskow and Sam forecast how the American Left and the Democratic party will change their tune towards Israel in the coming years and administrations. While Weigel, Terkel, and Stein debate the relevance of "socialist" in American politics, Chuck Schumer's future, as well as which 2018 races they're watching closely. And finally, Mark Thompson and Sam discuss the NY Governor's race and the importance of left radio in 2018.

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