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Author Francesco Pacifico (@fzpacifico) joins us to discuss his latest piece from n+1, "What a Long Day, Now Pizza!"

Fox & Friends viewers endorse Medicare for all.

Author Francesco Pacifico (@fzpacifico) joins us to discuss his latest piece from n+1. In this piece, Pacifico explores the social media practices of the leader of Italy's xenophobic Lega party, Matteo Salvini.  While Trump fires off tweets straight from his id, Salvini's tweets "can reconcile a family-friendly likability and the sternness of a patriarch with cheap but carefully targeted insults." Michael and Salvini discuss the various factors contributing to Salvini's success, how he's using social media to his advantage, and the new political ecosystem in which he operates. More at n+1.

On the fun half: A caller "defends" Dave Rubin. Is the US more multicultural than Europe? Trump says we need voter ID laws because we need ID to buy groceries. Trump supporters yell at Jim Acosta. The crew delivers some left-criticisms of UBI. Dave from Jamaica and the crew discuss how to deal with racism. VA Congressman Dave Brat preaches work requirements for Medicaid expansion. More on how to fight racism. Ron DeSantis MAGA Florida governor's race ad. The AFL-CIO releases a statement of solidarity with imprisoned Brazilian politician Lula.

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