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On today's show: Trump threatens to strip security clearance from former officials. Federal government goes after California's ability to regulate pollution on the state level. Paul Manafort's court date delayed. Strong progressive Barbara Lee runs for Democratic caucus chair. US supercharges arms sales. Trump frustrated over lack of North Korea progress.

Daily Caller editor describes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rally, makes it sound pretty good. How Kavanaugh's confirmation could be the final nail in the coffin of the Voting Rights Act. Manchin and Heitcamp to meet with Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh's troubling assertion that Richard Nixon should not have had to hand over the Watergate tapes.

On the fun half: Infamous scab Mark Janus leaves his job to become a senior fellow at Illinois Policy Institute. Sean Spicer can't say words. Jamie discusses her Ozyfest ordeal. Trump can't believe computer screens, loves American-made products, says "rich guys love rockets." Ari Fleischer says US should destabilize Iran to bring about regime change. A caller corrects Jordan Peterson's misrepresentation of the Frankfurt School. A caller on the lasting impact of her Cold War childhood. Another unarmed black man murdered by the police. How close are we to another financial crisis, and what would need to happen to bring about a revolution in the US? A caller on the demoralization of Chicano youth.

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