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Sam reports live from the American Federation of Teachers Convention in Pittsburgh!

Sam speaks with the head of the Douglas County, CO chapter of AFT about the fight for public education in her state. The funding crisis caused by shrinking property taxes and the Douglas county school board's 2009 takeover by Betsy DeVos types with Koch money behind them. The bad actors' ruthless dedication to charter schools, vouchers, and other privatization methods and how they funneled money to for-profit companies. The negative effects of privatization on students. Grassroots efforts to educate people on what was happening and organize to fight back by taking back the school board and (eventually) going on strike. The absurd concept of "market based pay" for teachers and the ballot initiative to raise money for education.

Sam speaks with Ed Allen, president of OKC AFT, about the teacher strikes in Oklahoma. The WV teacher strikes, #metoo, and the other factors building to the strike. Community support for their two-week-long walkout. The inspiring results of the walkout: a $6k raise, a 15% jump in union membership, and a renewed commitment to public education.

Sam speaks with Fred Albert, head of the AFT in Kanawha County, WV on the mass teacher revolt in all 55 counties of his state a.k.a. #55strong: Their reasons for striking and the state's union tradition. How teachers organized in a right to work state, and how the statewide strike changed union strategy going forward.

Film Guy Matthew joins us to talk white genocide and recommend some movies: "Fort Apache, The Bronx" (1981) and "Wanda" (1970).

Breaking news re: US indictments of Russian agents. Trump goes to England, says the problem with European culture is immigrants, criticizes Theresa May's handling of Brexit. Trump attacks CNN as fake news; Fox reporter does not stick up for them. FBI agent Peter Strzok gets testy with Trey Gowdy during House Judiciary Committee hearing. Rep. Jamie Raskin takes down the "deep state conspiracy" theory in friendly cross-examination. Rep. Gomert accuses Strzok of lying on the stand. CNN's Angela Rye calls out GOP on white nationalist candidates.

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