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Journalist and author Meagan Day (@MeaganDay) joins us to discuss her latest article for Jacobin, Capitalism is Ruining Science.

On today's show: Unmasking Antifa Act sponsored by Dan Donovan, the man who let Eric Garner's killer walk free, targets the free speech of protesters. Mike Pence gets protested in Kansas City, MO. Bar trivia host protests Mitch McConnell by playing Public Enemy's "Fight the Power."

Meagan Day joins us to discuss how capitalism has impacted science. The history of the university as locus for knowledge and education, and how capitalism has undermined that mission. The allocation of research grants based on profit, rather than social good. The case study of Peter Higgs, a Nobel prize winning physicist who says his work wouldn't get funding today. Lack of class consciousness, cuts to government funding, and other factors inhibiting unionization in the field. The need for a pro-science socialist movement to keep us from sinking into a new dark age.

On the fun half: The crew drags on Elon Musk. Why Jamie chose DSA over ISO. The need for socialist movements to serve people's spiritual needs as well as their material ones. Piers Morgan gets owned hard by communist blogger Ash Sarkar. Maajid Nawaz tries to credit Trump with falling black unemployment rate. Ronald Raygun on Jordan Peterson's sexual issues. The electoral dynamics of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The crew advises a caller on whether to enter a PhD program. Academic exploitation and the difficulties of organizing grad students. Poll: The majority of Democratic voters want more candidates like Bernie. Gorka clashes with Democratic strategist Joel Payne after Gorka says Trump is compassionate to legal immigrants. Why Jeremy Corbyn is cooperating with Brexit.

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