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Scott Lemieux (@LemieuxLGM) joins us to discuss Trump's Supreme Court pick and the radical right wing's plans for the Supreme Court.

Trump negotiated his pick with Kennedy for a long time before he retired. Kavanaugh's record of leaking information to the media during the Lewinsky probe. What this pick could mean for abortion rights, the regulatory state and more. The right's mixed record on "freedom of speech." The right's two-pronged assault on the regulatory state. Kavanaugh's nonsensical ruling on the CFPB. How the Democrats should negotiate this and how they are actually dealing with it.

Chuck Schumer says Trump is delivering on his campaign promises. The strategies that would get Collins, Murkowski, et al in line. Jeff Merkley attacks Kavanaugh along lines of accountability.

On the fun half: Dick Durbin  calls out Kavanaugh for contradicting his own testimony. Hannity asks if Never Trumpers are happy now (spoiler alert: yes). Ben Sasse says Trump made a great judge pick. Sad old man calls in to argue more about race and IQ. Do we need ICE to fight child trafficking? A caller on the need for a left-leaning judicial infrastructure.

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