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Nisha Kapoor (@NishaKapoor07), a lecturer in sociology at University of York, joins us to discuss her new book, Deport, Deprive, Extradite: 21st Century State Extremism.

On today's show: Sam uncovers a fake ex-Democrat on Twitter. Trump talks about Kennedy's retirement, says he's been told he "shouldn't say" whether he'll ask SCOTUS candidates about abortion.

Nisha Kapoor (@NishaKapoor07), a lecturer in sociology at University of York, joins us to discuss how the UK uses anti-terrorism laws to erode human rights and promote authoritarianism. The five Muslim men extradited from Britain to the US on terrorism charges in 2012 as case study of this process. The UK's history of imperialism. The "Windrush generation" of Caribbean people who immigrated to Britain in the 1950s and are now facing deportation. How post-9/11 anti-terrorism laws increased government powers that had not been used in some time. The surveillance and racial profiling that more and more Muslim immigrants have to live with. The welfare workers and educators tasked with spying on people. Terrorism suspects and (later) Muslim immigrants in general as "canary in the coal mine" for the progressive attacks on civil liberties.

The Department of the Interior puts red wolves on notice.

On the fun half: Local government of Taylor county, TX votes to terminate contract of private ICE detention facility. Susan Collins says she won't support SCOTUS nominee who would overturn Roe v. Wade. Maxine Waters addresses death threats: "If you shoot at me, you better shoot straight." US government kidnaps kids, ransoms them back to people. 12-year-old girl gives emotional speech on fear of losing her immigrant mother. Man shouts "womp womp" a la Corey Lewandowski during prayer at Huntsville, AL. Same "womp womp" man pulls out his gun, walks away from protest, is arrested by police. Cops taze un-armed black man obeying police orders. "School marshall" training is going well in TX. John Legend says "I don't care about Sarah fucking Sanders and her dinners." A fan calls in to defend Jimmy Dore. How to un-fuck the Supreme Court. Mike from PA (and Jamie) on what people can do to fight back if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Malcolm Gladwell likes Jordan Peterson now.

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