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Journalist Marcy Wheeler (@emptywheel) joins us to discuss the latest on the Mueller investigation.

On today's show: Trump tells anecdote about young girl coming home from "schloogp." Congress passes "right to try" bill that will undercut FDA's ability to regulate potentially dangerous new drugs. An update on primary results from around the country.

Journalist Marcy Wheeler, of, helps us unravel the many threads of the Mueller investigation. The DOJ's interest in Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and Jared Kushner and how it works when people agree to flip. Giuliani's theory that the FBI had an informant in the Trump campaign. The trading of foreign policy favors for dirt on Hillary and the deal between Mike Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The role played by informant Stefan Halper. The White House's efforts to limit the investigation to pre-election promises ("quid") and exclude post-election follow-through ("pro quo"). The imminent sentencing of Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos, who lied to the FBI to cover up treason. How Don Jr. and Eric Prince fielded offers from oligarchs and spies from around the world. How the "crime fraud exception" could invalidate Cohen's attorney-client privilege. How this tracks with the rest of Trump's shady career. Manafort's many charges and the likelihood he will flip. What's next?

On the fun half: Jake Tapper calls out Matt Gaetz's far right collusion interference. Journalist Lesley Stahl says Trump told her he attacks the media so people won't believe negative stories about him. Trump touts his pro-life bona fides at Susan B. Anthony dinner. Why do Democrats run on tickets with Republicans? More un-published Jordan Peterson books. Dr. Gorka's dissertation. Dave from Jamaica asks how we get to a post-capitalist future; Jamie responds. Steve Bannon says MLK would be proud of Trump's black unemployment rate. Racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg's crap apology. Trump goes off script, says 2018 is less important than 2016. NFL owners vote to penalize players for kneeling during national anthem; players' union responds.

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