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Journalist Yasha Levine (@yashalevine) joins us to discuss his new book, Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of Silicon Valley, and Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter) joins us to talk about his new project, Ohioans for Economic Opportunity.

On today's show: Betsy Devos says she has "heard that opined" that there are $15 billion in cuts to student aid in the plan she approved.

Yasha Levine joins us to discuss the history of the internet as a surveillance tool. The birth of the internet in the 1950s as a Cold War national security network and the development of ARPANET in the 1960s as a way to gather and analyze data. The internet's history as a tool for spying on US citizens and how that undercuts the techno-libertarian ethos. The National Science Foundation's successful efforts to privatize the internet once it caught on with consumers. The web's concentration of private entities that will share info with the government. The internet's domination by private monopolies and government spies as a reflection of neoliberalism, not a natural inevitability. How TOR is presented as a privacy solution, but is actually funded by government contractors and used to spy on people. The impossibility of true internet privacy and the political nature of the problem.

Cliff Schecter joins us to talk about his new project, Ohioans for Economic Opportunity. Through a website and media buys, Cliff hopes to spread the word about how Republican lawmakers are screwing over the middle class on "kitchen table" issues like taxes and healthcare. His hopes of replacing Rep. Steve Shabot with Democratic challenger Aftab Pureval. Why, in Cliff's opinion, Democrats can win in Ohio by appealing to POC voters and moderates who don't like Trump. For more, visit

On the fun half: Betsy Devos explains (deflects) why school performance reviews don't need to include "sub-performance groups." Is she evil, stupid, or some combo of both? The NRA's absurd commercial for "National School Shield," their plan to "mitigate" the number of kids who are murdered with guns. Mike Pompeo vows U.S., middle east allies will "crush" Iranian operatives around the world. KY Governor Matt Bevin talks about cutting "red tape" when he's really cutting the safety net. Trump says NASCAR fans are good because they "stand for our flag." Woman calls cops on people in Oakland for BBQing while black; community responds with even more BBQs. Vic Berger shares threatening visit from Proud Boys in retaliation for making fun of them. A caller breaks down the Supreme Court's recent anti-labor decision, recommends for info on Supreme Court rulings. Dissident Peasant fills us in on the governor's race in GA (vote for Stacy Abrams!).

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