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Cornell Law professor Aziz Rana joins us to discuss the left's missing foreign policy and the pressing need, fifteen years after the Iraq invasion, for a non-imperial vision of the US and the world. You can read his latest at n+1.

In the run-up to Iraq, there was massive popular resistance but this wasn't reflected in the Democratic Party establishment, many of whom were active cheerleaders for the war and the surveillance state. How foreign and domestic policy became separated from one another as part of the Cold War-era bargain between labor and capital. How Nixon and union leaders solidified this split during the Vietnam era. How McGovern ran and lost on antiwar principles in '72 and the lessons the Democrats took from it. Bernie Sanders' foreign policy shortcomings and what he's doing to fix them. How the bipartisan consensus around foreign policy and its corresponding "experts" allowed figures like Gina Haspel to avoid accountability for Iraq-era crimes. How Russiagate allowed the national security establishment to rehabilitate itself via misplaced Cold War nostalgia. How trade deals like NAFFTA and the TPP undermine social democracy at home and abroad. How US progressives can reconnect foreign and domestic policy and confront post-9/11 developments like ICE and the DHS. Rana's blueprint for a foreign policy based on human rights, not capitalist imperialism.

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