The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Mark Thompson (@ministter) and Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) join us to break down the week's news.

The end of blue slips as a way to stop Trump's judicial nominees. Don Blankenship's insane campaign ad about "Chinapeople" and "Cocaine Mitch."

Mark Thompson (@ministter), host of 'Make It Plain' on Sirius XM, joins us. Rudy Giuliani contradicts his own statements on the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels. Trump says "Rudy knows it's a witch hunt." The slim possibility of impeachment with a Republican held Congress. What's Putin's end game with Trump? Netanyahu's claims about a nuclear Iran and America's blind support of Israel. What's the deal with Kanye West?

Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) joins us to drag on Dennis Miller for forty odd minutes. When will Miller's ghost of a career become too depressing to have fun with? Sam, Michael and Andy say "probably never." Jamie remains unconvinced, but she'll get used to it.

On the fun half: Ronald Raygun's new nickname and Dave Rubin's filthy lucre. Sebastian Gorka says the mainstream media is obsessed with Sean Hannity. Neil Cavuto, possibly angling for a job at MSNBC, calls out Trump on his pattern of false statements. Sam gets a call from his future self. Tom in Yacubia says we inspired him to unionize his workplace (hell yeah!). Disturbing footage of a police officer kicking an 18-year-old suspect in the head in Ohio. The Democrats need to cater to their base better. Vic Berger's NSFW video of Gavin McInnes and the Pwoud Boys falling even further from grace.

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