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Gabriel Debenedetti (@gdebenedetti) from New York Magazine joins us to detail how Bernie Sanders' media presence is changing how politicians advance their platform in the 21st century.

On today's show: Rudy Giuliani tells Sean Hannity that Trump paid back Michael Cohen for the Stormy Daniels hush money.

Gabriel Debenedetti joins us to discuss his recent article, "Bernie Sanders is Quietly Building a Digital Media Empire." In 2018, Bernie Sanders remains one of the country's most popular political figures in no small part due to his embrace of social media. How Bernie's (paid) interns and other young staffers have helped build a presence on various platforms. Bernie's plans to create an alternative news network that focuses on regular people and policy, not tabloid stories and talking heads. How other politicians view his efforts. How does Bernie's embrace of platforms like Facebook square with his critique of Silicon Valley? Bernie's biggest hits so far. How digital content tracks with door to door outreach. What Bernie and friends have planned for the future.

On the fun half: Alex Jones mercilessly ethers Ben Shapiro. Hillary Clinton claims she lost votes in the Iowa primary because she's a capitalist. WV Senate candidate Evan Jenkins photoshops his primary opponent shaking hands with Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. Emmanuel Macron calls Australian PM's wife "delicious;" the crew speculates on what happened. A college student thanks us for inspiring her to do politics IRL. What's the proper socialist approach to drug policy? Did Bill Clinton really tell Trump to run for president? Should the left ally with the right to bring controversial speakers to campus? The Mooch teaches us the Italian word for "cuck."

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