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Ryan Grim (@RyanGrim) of The Intercept joins us to talk about the tightening legal net around Jared Kushner and why the DCCC is attacking progressive candidates. 

Brian Kilmeade tells Ainsley Earhardt if she's worried about he pay at Fox News she should be glad she isn't in Hollywood.

The, a look a the Kushner family's business practices and what a failed loan deal with the Qataris tells us about the sort of legal trouble Jared may be in. Why democratic strategists are still stuck in the 'have no position' style of politics, now regarding the emerging consensus for universal healthcare coverage.

On the fun half - Trump jokes about wanting to be President for Life like Xi, Mike from PA calls in to talk DCCC shenanigans, Mike Cernovich thinks christians are being persecuted by tech companies, how to talk about Obama without being glib or racist, and your calls and IMs!

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