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On today's show: The West Virginia teacher strike and how it relates to the Janus case. School child owns Governor James Justice on the topic of education funding. Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter) joins us for a weekly politics rundown. What's different about the Parkland shooting that will actually inspire change? The state of Georgia's extortion of Delta over the NRA discount. How gun control will impact youth voting patterns. The latest on Jervanka.

Sam re-plays a 2015 interview with the legendary Barry Crimmins, who sadly passed away this week. Crimmins talks political comedy, refusing to shake Henry Kissinger's hand, and "Call Me Lucky," the documentary film Bobcat Goldthwait made about his life. He also discusses the abuse he suffered as a child and its effects on him as an adult, and the complicity of the Catholic church in covering up abuse.

On the fun half: Laura Ingraham claims Trump isn't racist. Tucker Carlson criticizes Trump re: gun control. A caller plugs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a progressive who is running for Congress in New York. Dissident Peasant talks union organizing and the WV teacher strike. A caller on the liberatory potential of technology. Mindy will have none of her Republican neighbor running for office. Alex Jones claims Youtube suspended him because he's exposing pedophiles, but he's recently been accused of sexual harassment and discrimination. Rush Limbaugh thinks the teacher who brought a gun to school is a "radical leftist" plant. A delightful call from Jordan Peterson. Sam and Jamie discuss their relationship to Marxism.

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