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On today's show, Sam speaks with Michael Hardt, author of the book 'Assembly (Heretical Thought)' about how grassroots, non-hierarchical movements like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter could become more politically effective and what lessons we can take from them as we fight for everything from daily survival to the abolition of capitalism. Sam also addresses Mike Cernovich's attempts at cooking up a scandal based on an old tweet of his.

On the fun half: A caller reminds us the moon landing was faked, Senator Lindsey Graham threatens to nuke all of Asia if we get into a war with North Korea, Bernie pwns Ted Cruz on the Republican tax bill, a tech CEO says corporate tax cuts do NOT create jobs or raise wages, Sean Hannity whines about the terrible pictures of him that New York Magazine used, and alt-righter Lucian Wintrich tackles a woman for stealing his notes.

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