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Journalist David Dayen explained the roots of regulation of mass travel in the United States going back to the railroad industry. Why cities need airports and how the airlines used to be regulated. Why did Democrats in the 1970s deregulate the industry? The civil Aeronautics Board and why it worked well. The miscalculation that Ralph Nader and other liberals made in the 1970s. the 1970s focus on "regulatory capture" and how it led to corporate friendly policy. How to think about anti trust. Whats happening with the AT&T deal. The Trump Justice department is right on the merger and Trump is blowing it and the Wilbur Ross and the Paradise Paper revelations.

New allegations of Alabama Republican Roy Moore accused of being a child sexual predator.

On The Fun Half: Carter Page calls in. Who is worse Bush or Trump? Plutocrat Democratic donor whines about Democrats talk about class and threatens to cut funding. Sheldon Whitehouse humiliates a Trump nominee. Steve Bannon, rambles on and on and wants Mitch McConnell to resign and your calls and IMs.

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