The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Michael Monday today, with TCM host and host of The Young Turk's "What the Flick?!" Ben Mankiewicz (@BenMank77) joining us to discuss the media's culpability in a potential Trump victory. How is the media "normalizing" Trump? The inscrutability of current horse race. The failure of the "supposed geniuses" strategizing for the Clinton campaign revealed by the DNC leaks. Why people so enthusiastic about Bernie Sanders disregard his reasoning on voting for Hillary.

On the fun half - Gary Johnson is still behind on the news, Reince Priebus threatens #NeverTrump republican politicians, Trump surrogate explicates Obama's "Otherness," Glenn Beck thinks he and his audience will be immortalized for history, Garfield High football team in Seattle takes a knee, and your IMs.



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