The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Attorney with Earthjustice Stephanie Tsosie and Young Turks reporter Jordan Chariton (@JordanChariton) for updates on the North Dakota Access Pipeline Protests. 

Stephanie on the parties involved in the suit, originally brought against the Army Corps of Engineers, and Energy Transfer Partners, the pipeline company itself. The immediate goal of halting construction.

Jordan Chariton on the impressive camp sizes forming near the pipeline areas of Native Americans from around the state and country. The different degrees of obstructive protest being deployed by the "protectors." The historical solidarity of the protests in the wider Native American community.

On the fun half - Donald Trump continues practicing for the Commander-in-Chief forum, Pam Bondi is desperately trying to prove she wasn't bribed by Trump to not investigate Trump University, Hannity and Assange bond over Hillary Clinton's email, and your calls and IMs.

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