The Majority Report with Sam Seder

How Bernie's rhetoric successfully channelled anger toward left-wing goals. Why Hillary is the heavy favorite against Trump in a way that shouldn't limit criticism of her centrism. The tectonic shift in US politics as compared with European democracies. Hillary's troubling insistence on courting center-right voters. How accepting Hillary enthusiastically doubles-down on the conditions that led to our current state of affairs to begin with. Brexit and the backlash against institutions in the western democracies. The left case against the EU. The pretext for the Labour coup against leader Jeremy Corbyn, and how the MPs leading the coup failed to deliver their districts for remain. The elections in Spain with Podemos not making gains they hoped for. Elite contempt for democracy and how it related to their enthusiasm for Hamilton.

On the fun half - Marco Rubio is still mediocre, the dissolution of UK's political coalitions, US-backed death squads in Honduras, Hillary's VP favorites are really boring, plus your calls and IMs.

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