The Majority Report with Sam Seder

A British man attempts to assassinate Donald Trump. The anniversary of the killings of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner and when Reagan campaigned on "states rights" in the same county where their killings took place. Did a Donald Trump pay the advertising firm from Mad Men for advertising? The Trump campaign scam and a Trump advisor says that its not a probably that Trump's campaign has no money on hand because he is a billionaire.

On The Fun Half: all Gun control measures fail in the Senate. The arms maker Remmington that made the gun Adam Lanza used for his killing spree in Newton, argues that they are immune from lawsuits. Gun advocate says bars need to sell less booze so people can be sober enough to carry guns. Donald Trump reflects on how being an "educated black" would be an advantage. Corey Lewandowski does not get while he is fired. Bernie and local party platforms. The Brexit campaign is full of lies. A young Muslim doxxed after a garbage Daily Caller story and your calls and IMs.

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