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Ashley Dawson, a professor of English at CUNY, New York City and author of the new book Extinction: A Radical History, explains the sixth extinction. The history of extinctions and why and how we rely on bio diversity. The moral crisis of species extinction. capitalism and the crisis. Bison, colonial systems and Native Americans. What makes capitalism different.19th century whaling and why Capitalism can't confront the extinction crisis. The problem with Elizabeth Kolbert's critique. Bio capitalism and the next inequality crisis. The problem with "Rewilding" and why the environmental crisis is all about the contradictions and crisis of capitalism.

On  The Fun Half: Donald Trump punks out on debating Bernie Sanders. Bill O'Reilly demands Hillary Clinton debate to defends capitalism. Donald Trump calls Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas and Kimberly Guilfoyle thinks its a compliment. Ken Starr loses his job as President of Baylor for ignoring a Campus rape crisis and your calls and IMs. 

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