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On today's show, Mark Leon Goldberg (@MarkLGoldberg) is on to discuss possible genocide in Burundi and terrorism in West Africa.

The situation in Burundi as it relates to the Rwandan genocide in terms of international attention. The civil war in Burundi. Pierre Nkurunziza’s power grabbing, attempts to disregard term limits. Mass graves as a result of the political violence. The possibility this leads to a massive atrocity. The ethnic dimensions of the conflict perhaps overemphasized by media. The stability of Burundi’s neighbors. Burundi’s refusal to allow African Union peacekeepers. What motivates leaders to cling to power? (13:00)

The growth of al-Qaeda linked terrorism in Western Africa. Attacks on hotels linked to western governments. Attacks in Burkina Faso and Côte d'Ivoire, and the apparent targeting of Francophone countries. The possibility a woman from East Europe becomes the next leader of the United Nations.

On the Fun Half - The shape of recriminations if Hillary loses the general? Trump and George Wallace. What’s going on in Brazil? How will artificial intelligence kill humanity.

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