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On today’s show, Hooman Majd (@hmajd) joins us to discuss his recent election results in Iran. (6:15)

The internal dynamics of Iran’s politics. The difference between now and the Green Revolution. The revolutionary and sub-revolutionary elements of the Green Movement. The dynamic between The Supreme Leader Khamenei, Hassan Rouhani, and Mohammad Khatami. The state of political freedom across the Middle East. The momentum and goals of the Iranian moderates and pragmatists. Iranian awareness of the perilous revolutions in their neighborhood. The moderate focus on foreign policy and trade and when they’ll get around to social programs. What a “religious democracy” in Iran may look like.

And on the Fun Half: Sam Harris releases the full Omer Aziz “debate.” Taking Trump seriously. Marco Rubio called out for stealing one of The Good Liars' girlfriends. And your calls and IMs. 

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