The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Cliff Schecter explains the distinct dangers and threats of Donald Trump. Donald Trump says the Republican Party elites should "embrace" what's happening. Donald Trump's raw anti Muslim bigotry and Marco Rubio's response. Why Muslims should fear Trump and the history of Jewish repression. Reince Priebus wanted a "G rated" debate and he sort of got one and what the Republican elites fear. (13:21)

Andy Kindler reflects on his Boston material. Kindler corners the market on comparing people to Hitler. Sam and Andy are not impressed by Louie's latest political intervention. Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump and of course its weird. Andy talks with Ben Carson and Andy prefers Hillary. (47:30)

On The Fun Half: Trump rally gets violent in Missouri. Donald Trump evades condemning violence and racism coming from his supporters. Sam debates a libertarian and your calls and IMs.

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