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Attorney Michael S. Burg explains how the homebuilding industry is building unsafe and faulty homes across the country. The collapse of labor unions and the degrading of building standards. Why the homebuilding industry is working to protect itself from lawsuits and the manipulation of the idea of "affordable housing". And how the game is rigged in favor of the builders.

The Chairman of the Board of Action Network Douglas Land explains why consumers need trade associations to protect themselves. How Action Network helped create the "keep your promises Dupont" campaign. Shareholder activism and how to hold corporate giants like Dupont accountable. How social media can help confront corporate abuse. Why Carly Fiorina is is basically the perfect expression of the problem and why corporations have thought of litigation as just a part of doing business and do Europeans to corporate accountability better?

Attorney Travis Lepicier explains what torts are and what mass tort cases are. How and what do dangerous drugs get developed and how do law firms discover clients abused by corporations and create cases. And what you can do if you have been harmed by the drug Invokana.

Ed Schultz explains why Bernie Sanders did a great job in the Democratic debate. What Hillary did and why the other three candidates don't matter. Why Bernie needs to sharpen up on foreign policy. Does Bernie need to broaden his pitch? And Ed explains the motivation behind his new Super PAC: Americans for a Strong Middle Class and Scott Walker's complete fail as a presidential candidate and why we need to kill the TPP.

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