The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Cliff Schecter explains why Dennis Hastert was just indicted. The mystery of who Dennis Hastert was paying hush money to and why. The systemic corruption of Republicans in Congress. Republican suppression and the pull of reactionary politics. Josh Duggar's molestation charges and how the story would be covered if he was African American. Also why the Duggars show has finally been cancelled. Rand Paul's push to sunset the Patriot Act and why some conservatives are getting better on prison reform. The new Quinnipiac poll that has terrible news for Republicans.

Isabel Gillies explains why she is sending her kids off to sumer camp. Mimicking the hormonal behavior of a thirteen year old boy. Isabel's experience as a juror. Also a Isabel tells us to watch the movie Force Majure.

On The Fun Half: A Bizarre call into CSPAN that may shed light on the Dennis Hastert situation. A high School student wants Sam to get him on MSNBC. Rand Paul says blame the Republican hawks for ISIS. Is Donald Trump finally going to run for President? Also your calls and IMs.

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