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Medicare cuts to fund part of TPP and CREDO Action responds. Cliff Schecter explains Lindsey Graham's latest melodrama. The new Iraq invasion history re-writing. The lies that led to the invasion of Iraq. The major lies that led to the Iraq invasion. Why President Obama's not holding people criminally accountable allows for the re-writing of history. Holding Democrats accountable for voting for the Iraq invasion. Jeb Bush says accepting the scientific reality of climate change is "arrogant". The religious dog whistle in Jeb's demented stance. Also is Jeb already out of it.

Barry Crimmins and Sam remember the Boston comedy scene. Understandings Barry's unique relationship to stand up comedy. Why are progressives comedians called political and reactionaries are considered "fun". The time Barry Crimmins wouldn't shake Henry Kissinger's hand. Where you can see the Bobcat Goldthwait directed, documentary Call Me Luckyabout Barry's story as a victim of sexual abuse and evolution as a human rights activists. How Barry Crimmins took on AOL's profiting from child pornography. Barry's quest to get excommunicated and The Church's systemic coverage of abuse.

On The Fun Half: An amazing Libertarian caller wants to debate Reddits new anti harassment rule and devolves from there. We also have a global warming "skeptic" caller. Also your IMs.

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