The Majority Report with Sam Seder

On today’s Best of 2014!:

Sam Seder debates Professor Walter Block! In the discussion, Walter Block defends Libertarianism with a proposal that laissez faire free market exchanges are the best way to organize society, how Block thinks the United States limits freedom, debating the minimum wage, full time workers who live in poverty, debating minimum wages and job losses, what is the value of wages if they don’t provide a living? Professor Block explains his far, far, right views on slavery, Block’s stunning opposition to the Civil Rights movement, Block’s sort “amazing” point about bisexuality and the right to discriminate and debating car safety.

Also! The complete aftermath of the Professor Walter Block debate with listener’s IMs, phone calls, and more. Plus a breakdown of the stats of the Walter Block debate, a look at some of the Professor’s  strategy’s that he’s used in previous debates, and a special Libertarian debate remix!

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