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Political maestro Cliff Schecter joins us to discuss the week in news. Createns come out and justify torture. The crappy CROmnibus. Right wing claim that Democrats actions on spending bill are hypocritical. Sunday marks two year since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Comedian Andy Kindler brings much needed levity to the Friday show. Sony files hacked, racist emails between Rudin and Pascal revealed. The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogen a wacky road trip comedy about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Sam Seder is not the starstruck type, unless Woody Allen is in the room. Andy auditioned for The People vs. Larry Flynt. How to alienate friends and destroy business relationships with Sam and Andy. Movie recommendation: Slums of Beverly Hills

On The Fun Half: More on the torture report. Jose Rodriguez on CBS This Morning explains why he destroyed CIA interrogation tapes. CIA unaware of pixelation technique?Hollywood Sadcast. Merits of labor laws and hours in the work week.Nathan from the UK with an update on changes post Scottish referendum vote. Your calls and IMs.

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