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Stanley Aronowitz, Distinguished Professor in the Ph.D. Program in Sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center and Director of the Center for the Study of Culture, Technology, and Work. He is the author of the new book, The Death and Life of American Labor: Toward a New Worker's MovementWhere were the seeds planted for the union movements demise? What role did the Cold War, New Deal, legalization of labor movement, and collective bargaining have in the death of the labor movement. How organizing changed (or didn’t) to keep up with evolving labor force. Impact of the Taft-Hartley Act. Fears of Communism and labor in America. Private pensions. Ten-point manifesto, for a new labor movement.

On The Fun Half: Psychologists James Mitchell & Bruce Jessen made big bucks on torture but they’re not interrogation experts. Editorial in New York Times by Eric Fair an interrogator at Abu Ghraib. Jason in Phoenix tries to take down Sam with every conservative talking point, spoiler alert, he loses.

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