The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Political maestro Cliff Schecter explains what the results of the New York state primary means, Zephyr Teachout's impressive performance, Andrew Cuomo's machine, Teachout's revival of the New Deal anti trust message, the politics of the new gilded age, broadening the progressive coalition, African Americans and the Democratic establishment, Obama's Isis war and international legality, the problems of arming Syrian rebels, Saudi Arabia and the global funding of terrorism and our ongoing failure of policy in the Middle East.

The great Andy Kindler cannot hear his theme song, Kindler wants to know why the comrades at the Majority Report don't support freedom, why Sam is the only alternative voice and Andy still does not like what he is saying, why Andy had no feelings why Joan Rivers died, why Kindler hates Ricky Gervais and Sam and Andy's work on Bob'b Burgers.

The success of Internet Slowdown day, the worlds oceans and forests are absorbing less of our carbon dioxide, record student debt starting to cut into Social Security and your IMs.

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