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Glenn Greenwald author of No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance Stateexplains why so much information the NSA collects is not collected from NSA targets, why the NSA's information gathering is ripe for abuse, the NSA's spying on specific Muslim civil society leaders, why a persons political views can lead to NSA surveillance, why can't condemn Hoover and demonize Snowden, why we allow bigotry towards Muslims and what would real reform look like?

Journalist David Dayen explains how private equity and hedge funds are moving into rental property markets, why financial firms are failing in rental markets, why financial speculation is creating mini housing bubbles across the country and what we should watch out for next. Journalist and undocumented citizen Jose Antonio Vargas detained on the US Mexico border, why are treatment of child refugees at the border should be a source of national shame, Israel continues bombardment of Gaza, Ben Shapiro accuses the Obama Administration of being "borderline Jew-hating", Tea Party hack Rick Santelli gets humiliated on CNBC for being wrong about everything and your IMs.

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