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Professor Juan Cole author of the new book  The New Arabs: How the Millennial Generation is Changing the Middle Eastexplains why most Muslims do not take ISIS proclaiming a Caliphate seriously, the shifting politics of Kurdish independence, why oppression of Sunnis is fueling the crisis in Iraq, divisions in Sunni politics, will the Al Maliki government grow more inclusive? Who are the "New Arabs"? The median age of the Arab world, the cultural and political values of Arab millennials, how Egyptian politics have been altered, multicultural politics in the emerging Middle East and where are the youth leaders of the Arab uprisings in of 2011 now?

On The Fun Half: California bigots harass migrants in Murrieta California, Georgia's new gun law leads to a showdown in a convenience store, New York Cities and towns can now ban Fracking, Rick Perry now a metro sexual, Congress will not pass vital highway legislation and your calls and IMs.

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