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Political strategist Cliff Schecter explains why Governor Tom Corbett's budget cuts have led to children dying in Pennsylvania Public Schools, Pennsylvania Democrats nominate a progressive in that states Governors race, are the "New Democrats" old news? Why progressive Democrats are doing well, why Mitch McConnell could lose the Kentucky Senate race, how Alison Grimes is playing tough, why Mitch McConnell, how the far right base took over the Republican Party, why there is no fight between the Tea Party and the Chamber of Commerce wing of the GOP, how immigration and the climate crisis play in the midterms and how the Democrats failed on the Benghazi Select Committee. Political satirist and Democratic candidate for Governor of New York, Randy Credico, Randy reflects on his Mayoral run against Bill de Blasio, is Andrew Cuomo to the right of George Pataki, Cuomo's austerity and plutocratic friendly policies, was Cuomo behind homophobic attacks on Ed Koch, why the fight against Andrew Cuomo has national implications and Randy suggested we all watch the movie We Live Again. And your calls and IMs.

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