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Slate political reporter Dave Weigel explains what happened in the Georgia Republican Senate primary, what is the actual distinction between the Tea Party and the Republican establishment, the Chamber of Commerce and the Tea Party, how the Tea Party is winning the long term game, why Common Core is a potential big issue, did Matt Bevin hurt Mitch McConnell in the Kentucky GOP Senate primary? how competitive will the Kentucky general election be? the Oregon Republican Senate race and a stalking scandal, Can Kay Hagen hold on to her North Carolina Senate seat, her radical right wing challenger Thom Tillis, why Democrats may be in good shape in Arkansas, why Tom Corbett is in a big trouble in Pennsylvania and what are the 2014 sleeper races?

On The Fun Half: Florida Republican Ted Yoho says only property owners should be able to vote, Ben Carson says Obamacare is like slavery and Neo-Marxism, Ben Carson also has insane views Gay people, Pat Sajak says "global warming alarmists" are "racist" the FBI needs to softer on weed smoking employees in order to fight cyber crime, the NSA recording every single cell phone call in the Bahamas and your calls and IMs.

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