The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Ken Silverstein an Senior Investigative Reporter for First Look Media and author of he Secret World of Oil explains the hidden world behind global oil markets, how oil generates conflict, middlemen and the oil trade in developing countries, Exxon and the "crime" family running Equatorial Guinea, cheap oil for Americans and bribery, why oil creates so few jobs, why oil companies like bribes, corporations and the "uncertainty" of democracy, the unique nature of oil and weapons, how much money Tony Blair is making being a pr flack for the oil world and how to truly reform the secret world of oil.

On The Fun Half: Timothy Geithner shocking lack of understanding of how Social Security works, Sam's new battle with Indie Mike, for the millionth Social Security does not contribute to the debt, Sam debates a Libertarian, Harry Reid comes out against Michael Boggs on the Federal Bench and your calls and IMs.

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