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Political strategist Cliff Schecter explains why President Obama's Georgia judicial nominee Michael Boggs is so controversial,  Bogg's far right record, the deal Obama cut with Georgia Republicans, the only difference between the Tea Party and the establishment Republicans, why North Carolina is the Senate race to watch in 2014, how the Republicans will try to use Benghazi in the midterms, why Republicans want to use Benghazi to protect themselves from Hillary Clinton, will Republicans impeach Obama if they retake the Senate and What really happened in Benghazi?

Isabel Gillies explains why she is calling in from the park, is Isabel a "helicopter" parent? walking by Bill de Blasio's house in Park Slope, how Isabel wrote her first book on her BlackBerry and Isabel suggested the French film, Blue Is the Warmest Color and Sam is uncomfortable.

On The Fun Half: Sam debates a Libertarian, why Libertarians are at odds with reality, why no "pure" markets exist, how Democrats can reach to younger voters and your calls and IMs.

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