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Journalist Charlie Pierce explains why Fox does not want every kid to get a Valentine card, why the politics of cruelty have become official Republican Party policy, plutocrat Tom Perkins advocates a poll tax and says the rich should get more votes, why are the plutocrats getting even more insane? How Sarah Palin reinvented the right-wing grift, why there is no Republican Party anymore, the creepy emails sent to the Republican Caucus, the hilarious and slow death of the astroturf austerity group the Can Kicks Back, Kansas moves to discriminate against Gay people, the Chris Christie corruption scandal rolls on and the battle for an autoworkers union in Tennessee.

Christopher Rosen, senior entertainment at Huffington Post and old Majority Report friend is getting married, why is Rosen verified on twitter? Rosen tells Sam all the movies nominated for Best Picture and what his favorites were, why he thinks Twelve Years a Slave will win for Best Picture and what to expect from Darren Aronofsky's next film.

Why Tennessee has such regressive politics, how is the anti union push being covered on the ground in Tennessee? A perspective from Germany on the union drive at the Tennessee Volkswagen plant, why the ACA will help people leave bad jobs and your calls and IMs.

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