The Majority Report with Sam Seder

On today's extended show from Netroots Nation:

Think Progress's Matt Duss, explained the roots of Turkey's protest movement, and what a progressive foreign policy.

Cliff Schecter, explained why Netroots its no longer an insurgency, Immigration reform maybe closer to passing and more reactions to the tragic death of Michael Hastings.

Ari Berman, explained the recent history of voting rights, how the Supreme Court may strike down an essential aspect of The Voting Rights Act and what will the immigration reform bill ending looking like.

Congressman Bruce Braley, explained why he was running for an open Senate seat in Iowa, how he hopes to build on Senator Tom Harkin's progressive legislative legacy and Keystone XL and Climate change.

The Huffington Post's Amanda Terkal and Ryan Grim, explained how Republicans destroyed the Farm Bill and are attempting to decimate food stamps and just how insane are the House GOP.

John Amato & Gaius Publius, explained how Unions could exert more power of the Democratic Party  and how the right has demonized Unions.

And Lizz Winstead, talked about breaking new research on reproductive health and abortion rights, Matthew Filipowicz talked about his epic new Ayn Rand satire and Lizz and Matthew gave movie recommendations.

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