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Time Magazine's Michael Grunwald explained why all Americans are "on the dole" from tax credits to public tennis courts, why so many of us are in denial about how much we benefit from government spending across the economic spectrum,how the affluent gain from incentives in the tax code and why even though he hasn't worked in six years Mitt Romney pays a lower tax rate than middle class Americans.

Also Tim Pawlenty got a lobbying gig he simply couldn't wait to take. So good in fact that he quit his position as co-char of the Romney campaign weeks away from the election day so he could start lobbying for Wall Street as quickly as possible.

On the Better Half: Sam highlights sections of the Romney tapes that have received less attention but further reveal how delusional he is, also in a surprise development the author of PA's voter ID law thinks voting shouldn't be easy and many are to lazy to deserve the right to vote and Sam does an epic George W Bush impression that sheds light on success and luck.

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